scars are an inevitable by-product of hair transplant surgery. scalp micropigmentation provides a highly effective cover-up for all scar types

Hair transplant surgery has progressed enormously in recent years. Old style plug transplants are a thing of the past, and even the trusted FUT or ‘strip’ technique is being surpassed in favour of less invasive FUE or ‘follicular unit extraction’ methods. More advanced techniques generally result in less scarring, but all surgical methods create scars nonetheless, and these can become challenging to hide if hair continues to be lost.


how can scalp micropigmentation help?

The basic scalp micropigmentation process was originally developed as a cover-up for scars, and has since evolved and become a highly specialised technique to help men hide their scars from historical hair transplant surgery.

The purpose of scalp micropigmentation in this application is to blend the scar tissue with the surrounding area to make the scar/s much less noticeable. In many cases, concealment of up to 90% is possible, although this depends on the type of scar and the way the remaining hair is worn by the client.


what factors affect scar concealment?

The scar type (FUE, FUT or plug), the age of the scar, its colour and texture, its size and position, whether the scar is raised from the skin or indented, the structural integrity of the scar tissue, and of course the skill of your scalp micropigmentation practitioner, all play a role in determining what level of concealment is possible.

For this reason, each scar is approached differently. The experience offered by your chosen practitioner is extremely important here, as scar concealment is considered advanced work and should not be attempted by inexperienced technicians.


how does dot micro approach scars?

We assess the scar area, and provide an honest and achievable estimate of what level of concealment is possible. We also provide advice about how best to wear your hair, be it longer or shaven, to improve the chance of your scar going unnoticed. We have some of the best results in the industry and as we know how distressing scars can be, we always aim for the most effective camouflage possible in every situation for every client.