Bad Scalp Micropigmentation Results – how to avoid falling into the dark side of SMP

The internet is simply littered with examples of bad scalp micropigmentation results. And there are some pretty alarming examples on there. But believe us when we say this – it doesn’t have to be this way.

Scalp micropigmentation treatments that have been administered by an experienced and fully qualified technician is the only way to avoid receiving bad SMP results.

Why do Bad SMP Results Happen?

For any of you who have done your homework, you’ll know how SMP is administered. But as a quick refresher, it’s a simple case of pigment implants being administered underneath the skins outer surface in the form of tiny dots which represent imitation hair follicles once healed. Now if you read this, you might be under the impression its a tattoo. And in the grand scheme of things, that’s an understandable assumption as the techniques are the same. However, there is a stark difference between a tattoo and scalp micropigmentation that holds the key to good SMP results and bad ones. And that is down to pigment depth. Both procedures require pigments to be implanted into the Dermis layer of your skin. This sits under the outer layer which is called the Epidermis. The anatomy of the Dermis runs as follows : 

  • Upper Dermis is made up of loosely arranged collagen fibers and is called the Papillary zone
  • Deeper within the Dermis, the collagen fibers become denser and elasticated, this is called the Reticular zone
  • Beyond this is a fatty layer of connective tissue 

But wherewith SMP the pigment is implanted into the upper level of the papillary zone snuggly sitting just underneath the Epidermis, tattoos run deeper. The reason? An SMP dot is tiny. It needs to maintain control over its shape. The deeper into the dermis you go, the more pigments will “explore other pathways” owing to the denser nature of the collagen. Or in layman’s terms, the shape expands and becomes blurred. Ok with a relatively thicker line on a piece of tattooed artwork. Not ok on a tiny imitation hair follicle.

The 3-step process to be sure you receive a correct result from scalp micropigmentation

Verify your SMP practitioner has received the correct training

Scalp micropigmentation is a training that is specific to its industry. Tattoo artists are not SMP technicians and the same goes for vice versa. The only practitioner that should be administering SMP treatment is one that is bona fide in the trade. Don’t hesitate to ask the academy they are linked to and it’s also ok to verify all credentials. Scalp micropigmentation is a life-changing treatment and if it’s badly administered it can change your life for the wrong reasons.

Ask around about reputation and check out reviews

We live in a world that has created a review culture. Use it to your advantage. There is a multitude of ways to search out the reputation of a technician, Facebook, Instagram and Twitter to name but a few. If your chosen clinic is in your local area, check out prominence with your entourage.

Are you comfortable in the company of your practitioner?

May seem futile but if you are looking to not fall onto the dark side of the industry and receive bad scalp micropigmentation results then everything matters.