Does Scalp Micropigmenation Hurt?

Before we begin, the most important thing we need to say, is we understand that pain thresholds vary. But that doesn’t answer the question, does scalp micropigmentation hurt?

Scalp micropigmentation works by tiny implants of natural pigment being placed lightly underneath the outer layer of your skin. This is done with a machine that has been fitted by a super fine microneedle. In essence, the barrier of your skin is broken when the natural pigments are implanted. And that’s going to produce an element of discomfort, no matter how you look at it. Yet does this process cause pain? Yes and no. If you’re sensitive to physical suffering (for use of a better way of putting it) then you might find it hurts. If you have a durable disposition, you’ll probably find it doesn’t.

The majority of people receiving SMP report that the sensation is more discomfort over pain, yet post-treatment, it can cause slight irritation and also possible itching. Yet there is a handful that claims it hurts. So how do you ease the fears and arm yourself with the necessary mental strength for your impending treatment?

If you are concerned your SMP will hurt as your pain threshold is really quite low you could consider the following options :


Pain Management Strategies for Scalp Micropigmentation Treatment


  • Over the counter medication, such as Ibuprofen and / or codeine-based pain killers. Ibuprofen takes between 20 to 30 minutes to work if taken orally. And it’s crucial to know that you should avoid, at all costs, Aspirin owing to it being a blood thinner as it’s not compatible with treatments.
  • Anesthetic skin numbing creams are also an option, however, always speak to your technician administering treatment in advance. They will have recommendations of particular brands that will deem the skin a suitable base to work with.
  • Relaxation techniques such as deep breathing exercises or yoga and meditation pre-treatment. Pain is linked to muscle tension. Research has shown that when the muscles are tight they increase pressure on nerves on pain sites making the actual pain even worse than it needs to be.


It’s crucial to note, as previously mentioned in the initial point concerning pain management strategies that you don’t rely on any medication linked to blood thinning. These include Aspirin, Warfarin, Heparin and such as. if you are taking prescribed medication it’s advisable to double-check with your doctor in advance. In addition to the blood thinners, also avoid alcohol a few days in the run-up to your procedure.

If you would like further information on scalp micropigmentation with Dot Micro, you can reach out to us here to discuss your future treatment. In addition, if you’d like to talk through your worries about the pain and management of it during your treatment we are always on hand and willing to discuss this issue. Alternatively, we are present on all the regular social media platforms, Facebook, Instagram… or even on YouTube where you can check out just how natural your hairline can look after a scalp micropigmentation treatment.

And finally, does scalp micropigmenation hurt? Maybe, a little if you’re of a sensitive nature… but it’s certainly worth it, and the pain is really quickly forgotten!