Scalp Micropigmentation Training

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Become a trained scalp micropigmentation Practitioner trained by one of the world’s most well renowned award winning artists.

We are extremely proud to announce that a range of training courses will be available very soon.

What qualities make a great scalp micropigmentation practitioner.

  • Patience
  • Empathy for others
  • Concern for the customer experience
  • Attention to detail
  • A steady hand
  • A delicate touch
  • The passion and ambition to succeed.

We will have a range of training courses ranging from…

A brief intro in the world of scalp micropigmentation

This will be a short one day course to explain the world of scalp micropigmentation. This is ideal for anyone who wants to know more about the main training course will involve. 
It will give the student a basic understanding of what scalp micropigmentation is.
Note: this course will not certify you to perform treatments. It’s more for you to see if scalp micropigmentation is really something you might enjoy. Without having to do the full course.
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a high accreditation level Scalp Micropigmentation Course.

Our exclusive Dot Micro Scalp Micropigmentation course will be accredited to a high level with a recognised awarding body. This is an extensive course which follows on from the introduction course and will give you all the necessary knowledge to become a scalp micropigmentation practitioner. Its an extensive 5-6 day intensive training course with lots of technical learning and practical experience getting to grips with real clients and various types of treatments

Please note
This course is not for you if…
you are interested in making fast money. We simply won’t train you if we spot it.
If you have no patience or empathy for others
Not truly interested in learning the skill and just there for a certificate.
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Masterclass Courses

If you have already trained to Level 4 and wish to hone your SMP skills to the max or you find that you are just a little weak in some areas of SMP then choosing a 1-2 day masterclass course could be for you. 
Which skills are you weakest in? We can tailor a course to your needs
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Why become a Scalp Micropigmentation Practitioner?

It’s extremely rewarding to help someone regain the confidence after the experience of hair loss 
It can become a passion and fill your life with joy
Become your own Boss
If you are a barber, tattoo artist, PMU artist or Beautician.. this can be a fantastic addition to your skillset
If you have lost your hair and had scalp micropigmentation or even a hair transplant then become a scalp practitioner and help others since you have the experience of loosing hair
Financial freedom if you have the right attitude, ethics and passion you can be very successful.
  • Empathy or concern for others
  • The right ethics
  • Be kind to others and good customer client experience and a great people person.
  • Have the passion to help others
  • The patience and to listen to what others have been through
This could be the career that changing your life forever.
Send us your details now and you never know what the future will hold for you.
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